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Never Stop Starting


Never Stop Starting, our latest Wichita-centric Bravely Onward message was the focus of a Wichita Eagle article published in the Sunday, October 29, newspaper.

Glossy pro-Wichita video is both a love letter and a call to action
By Matt Riedl
October 29, 2017

There’s a lot worth celebrating in Wichita right now.

We’re in the middle of a downtown revitalization, Wichita State University is becoming a national powerhouse, and human-friendly developments – like bicycle lanes – seemingly pop up daily.

But it’s not enough, urges a new advertisement in Fidelity Bank’s “Bravely Onward” series.

The ad, “Never Stop Starting,” was released on Monday. It highlights entrepreneurial efforts at Wichita Area Technical College, Wichita State University’s GoCreate, as well as other efforts.

“There’s always the temptation to rely on past successes,” a narrator reads over dated footage of Pizza Hut, a biplane and WSU basketball. “We fight it by pushing ourselves and each other to reinvent, reinvest – to never stop starting.”

It features basketball players from East High, Levi Fitzmier of FNL Denim and Grit Virtual Construction at WSU’s Virtual Reality Lab.

It will make you feel unabashedly good about your city, though there’s more to it than that.

“We find ourselves at this really pivotal moment as a city where we get to decide what we want the future to look like,” said Aaron Bastian, president of Fidelity Bank. “The choice that we need to continually make is that we want bigger, we want better for our city.”

It’s part of a branding campaign the bank has underwent since 2012. At that point, Boeing had just announced its withdrawal from the Wichita market.

The goal of the “Bravely Onward” campaign, officials say, is to share the bank’s vision for the future of Wichita. It’s not intended to inspire you to open a new checking account with the bank. In fact, not until the last two seconds of the video – when the Fidelity logo flashes on the screen – is it even apparent who paid for the ad.

“This wasn’t ever about the bank – our big Wichita messages ... truly are about this community and the love we have for it,” said Katie Grover, marketing director at Fidelity Bank.

Past videos have placed a heavy focus on manufacturing, though this ad highlights Wichita’s technology innovations.

“Because this is about creation and doing new things, ... a big part of that as we go forward is going to be technology,” Bastian said.

The ad will run on TV until the holidays, then again in the spring.

More videos are forthcoming, officials promise without hinting at a timeline for future releases.

To watch all the videos in the “Bravely Onward” series, visit www.bravelyonward.com.

Innovation and Enterprise Awards

Learn More


Fidelity Bank celebrated the construction of a new branch in Derby, Kansas on June 29 with a groundbreaking ceremony attended by members of the Derby city government and Derby Chamber of Commerce. The construction of this new office is an important step in Fidelity’s multi-year retail transformation process which blends technology and personal service into a new customer-centric banking experience.

Derby Ground Breaking

Guests in attendance included Mayor Randy White, Chamber President and City Councilman Mark Staats, City Councilman John McIntosh, City Councilman Jack Hezlep, City Councilman Tom Keil, City Developer Marcia Hartman and Conco Construction President Craig Nelson.

“With this new branch construction, we reaffirm our commitment to the community of Derby, which continues to grow and prosper,” said Aaron Bastian, president of Fidelity Bank. “We also recognize the outstanding effort of the many Fidelity team members who have worked to turn an innovative vision into reality.”

Construction is now underway and the new branch is anticipated to open this coming winter.


Sheree Utash Sheryl Wohlford

Sheree Utash

Sheryl Wohlford

Sheree Utash and Sheryl Wohlford have been elected to serve on the Fidelity Bank Board of Directors. Both are accomplished business professionals and community leaders.  Their terms on the board of directors began on June 1, 2017.

Utash has served in several leadership positions at the Wichita Area Technical College (WATC), Kansas’ largest technical college. As WATC President and Managing Director for the National Center for Aviation Training, Utash is helping shape the area’s workforce and fill critical employment gaps in current and emerging fields.

“Sheree understands the vital role Wichita’s business community plays in driving overall economic progress, “ said Clark Bastian, Fidelity Bank Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “Her ability to turn an ambitious vision into tangible results will greatly benefit our organization.”

Utash’s long list of community activities includes board service for organizations focused on education, economic development and diversity issues.

“Fidelity Bank is a great example of an organization that recognizes the essential link between corporate citizenship and financial success,” said Utash. “This is a great opportunity to contribute to a respected family-owned business.”

Wohlford is the President of Automation-Plus, Inc., a manufacturing firm that she started with her husband, Doug, in 1987. While growing her business, Wohlford has also been a tireless advocate for Wichita. Countless charities, trade groups and community members have benefitted from her business acumen and volunteerism.

“Sheryl is one of the most civically engaged people I know,” said Bastian. “Her ability to run a successful business, while giving her all to the community, makes her an ideal member for our board.”

Currently, Wohlford volunteers her time in service of several boards, including the Sedgwick County Zoo, Music Theatre of Wichita, Wichita State University Board of Trustees and WSU’s National Advisory Council.

“I see the impact of Fidelity Bank throughout our city,” said Wohlford. “From the projects they help finance to the organizations they support, Fidelity and the Bastian family are investing in our community’s future. I’m excited to be able to work alongside of them.”

With the addition of Utash and Wohlford, the number of Fidelity Directors stands at 11.



South Seneca Branch

Fidelity Bank’s newest branch opened at 3128 S. Seneca on Monday, April 10. This branch replaced the bank’s nearby location at 3101 S. Seneca. The newly constructed branch introduced Fidelity Bank’s new service delivery model, blending technology and personal service to help meet the changing needs of customers.

“Now, more than ever, people have a desire to bank when and where they want,” said Michele Kyle, Fidelity’s chief operating officer. “Consumer behavior is shifting to a preference for conducting routine banking transactions through online and mobile devices, while reserving trips to a branch for more involved business like account openings or consultation. Technology advances make this type of relationship a reality.”

Changes inside and out

The environment inside Fidelity’s new branch is designed around creating an optimal face-to-face banking experience. Visitors are greeted and served by a highly trained and knowledgeable Universal Banker, a new positon with Fidelity, who is prepared to help perform basic transactions, detailed account openings and everything in between. A mix of open collaborative spaces and more private areas ensure that customers conduct their business in the most appropriate environment. The branch also features tech bar stations where customers can learn about other services like mobile and online banking.

“This is more than just a pretty building,” said Joley Riley, Fidelity’s retail banking director. “Every inch was purposely designed and our staff highly trained to be able to make a visit to the branch a seamless, secure and comfortable experience.”

Interactive drive-thru banking

Fidelity has made improvements to their drive-thru banking as well. Interactive Banking Machines provide options of assisted transactions or self-service.  Located in an area separate from the main office, three lanes of Interactive Banking Machines connect customers via screen to a live interactive banker to assist with conducting transactions from the comfort of their car. Interactive Banking Machines can also be used as ATMs 24-hours-a-day.

“No more tubes and containers,” said Shane Stuhlsatz, Fidelity’s retail operations manager. “Nearly any transactions that a customer can currently do through a traditional drive-thru can be handled quickly and efficiently with Interactive Banking.”

Long term plans

Fidelity Bank plans to roll elements of this new retail banking model out to all of its locations in the Wichita, Oklahoma City and Kansas City areas. Within the next two years, all Fidelity offices and standalone ATMs will be replaced with Interactive Banking Machines. Additionally, the majority of offices will be remodeled and all staff will be re-trained as Universal Bankers.

“We talk all the time about helping our communities achieve progress,” said Aaron Bastian, Fidelity’s president. “It is time for our retail banking experience to move Bravely Onward.”


September 15, 2016

Local officials help celebrate South Seneca groundbreaking

On Tuesday, September 13, local officials joined members of the Fidelity Bank and Conco Construction teams at the site of our future South Seneca branch for a groundbreaking celebration. Wichita Mayor Jeff Longwell, Wichita District IV Councilman Jeff Blubaugh and Sedgwick County Second District Commissioner Tim Norton were on hand to help commemorate the occasion.

South Seneca Ground Breaking

Fidelity Bank President Aaron Bastian addressed the group, affirming our commitment to our customers in southwest Wichita and explaining how this new office will help evolve the way we serve them. Within this new office, an innovative mix of technology and personal service will result in an experience tailored to each customer.

The new branch office is expected to open for business during the first quarter of 2017.


July 6, 2016

Fidelity Bank recognized with the United Way Spirit of Caring Award

The United Way of the Plains has honored Fidelity Bank with the Spirit of Caring Award in the large company category. Each year, four organizations are presented with this prestigious designation in recognition of prior-year giving and volunteer support.

Fidelity Bank - Spirit of Caring Award

The Spirit of Caring Award represents collective contributions of time and dollars during our 2015 fall campaign. With an 11% increase in employee giving over the prior year and 13 new leadership givers, we achieved 114.82% of our giving potential, reaching the Chairman’s Circle with a combined corporate and employee gift in excess of $150,000.

We are proud to be recognized alongside Bank of America (medium-sized company), Grant Thornton (small-sized company) and Workforce Alliance (non-profit and government) for strengthening our community through giving, advocacy and volunteerism.

This award was earned through our shared spirit of generosity and effort to move our city Bravely Onward.


July 1, 2016

Fidelity Bank named one of the top 200 healthiest banks in America

Fidelity Bank has been recognized as one of the Top 200 Healthiest Banks in America by DepositAccounts.com, an online publication focused on compiling banking and savings information for consumers. After evaluating a list of 6,199 banks across the country on a number of factors including capitalization, deposit growth and loan reserve ratios, Fidelity was awarded an A+ rating, ranked 153rd overall and was the only Wichita-based bank to make the top 200.

Safe & Sound

“An important part of our ability to earn the trust of our customers is our sound business practices,” said Aaron Bastian, president of Fidelity Bank. “Our strong reputation is the result of each of us acting with integrity and doing business the right way.”

Learn more about the health ratings: https://www.depositaccounts.com/banks/health.aspx.


June 28, 2016
New fraud alert text messaging service

Our Fidelity Bank  |  Oklahoma Fidelity Bank fraud monitoring service now includes text message alerts. This technology upgrade allows customers to receive information about potential fraudulent activity on their debit card faster than ever before.

This new fraud monitoring service utilizes free SMS text messages and email alerts, in addition to traditional phone calls. Should fraudulent activity be suspected, our fraud department will attempt to contact customers in the following order until a response is received:

1.    Text message
2.    Phone call
3.    Email

Text message alerts are sent from our Fidelity Bank fraud department with brief transaction details. Customers are able to reply “Yes” or “No” to authorize a specific transaction. If customers prefer to not receive text message alerts for suspected fraudulent activity, they can reply “Stop” to the text message to opt-out. In doing so, customers will continue to receive phone call and email alerts for suspected fraudulent activity.

A list of Frequently Asked Questions provides additional details about fraud monitoring notifications, and customer service is available at 1.800.658.1637 for assistance.

To ensure communications are received in a timely manner, customers should verify that their contact information is accurate through online banking by clicking here and selecting Manage Contact Information from the Administration menu, or by visiting the nearest Fidelity Bank  |  Oklahoma Fidelity Bank office.

As a reminder, customers should not provide personal or account information in text message or email communications. If it is unclear if a communication is authentic, customers should call the phone number listed on the back of their Fidelity Bank  |  Oklahoma Fidelity Bank card.


August 12, 2015   
Greater Wichita Partnership announces catalytic investment gift

Fidelity Bank Makes Catalytic Investment
Fidelity Bank, through its fund at the Wichita Community Foundation, is making a $90,000 grant to the Greater Wichita Partnership to provide and remodel the space to the west of the current Wichita Downtown Development Corporation offices and Design & Innovation Center. Adding to the space will allow the Greater Wichita Economic Development Coalition staff to co-locate with WDDC staff. Both organizations are now under the Partnership umbrella.

“Fidelity Bank seeks to support bold initiatives that create greater opportunity for all in our community to reach their potential,” said Clark Bastian, CEO and Chairman.” The Greater Wichita Partnership is an innovative approach to economic development worthy of support and vital to the success of our city.”

Partnership President Jeff Fluhr said, “This is a catalytic gift that will demonstrate to us and others who want to invest in our region that our community believes in itself and our future. We are grateful to the Bastians and Fidelity Bank for their commitment to this region and this vision. They are demonstrating their belief in our community moving ‘bravely onward’.

The initial concept calls for GWEDC to have its own storefront on Douglas and internal doors will connect WDDC and GWEDC with each other and with the Design & Innovation Center.
Fidelity Bank President Aaron Bastian said, ““We can make the change that we need to ensure our city thrives, not from the sidelines, but by actively contributing to the type of collaboration necessary to spur economic development, attract and retain talented people and create the Wichita we all deserve. I hope others are inspired to join this effort and fuel the momentum that The Greater Wichita Partnership has started.”

The Design & Innovation Center opened four years ago to serve as a convening place for meetings to advance economic growth. It was funded in large part by a Knight Foundation grant through its fund at the Wichita Community Foundation plus private contributions from companies and individuals.

August 4, 2015

Wichita, Kan. – Envision announced today that it has received a $75K gift from The Fidelity Bank Foundation, the charitable arm of Wichita-based Fidelity Bank that supports local 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations. The funds will be applied to the completion of construction and the ongoing operation of the Envision Research Institute, a facility being constructed within Envision’s downtown Wichita headquarters to serve as a hub of studies of the challenges associated with low vision and practical approaches to addressing them.
“The Fidelity Bank Foundation seeks to support bold endeavors that improve our fellow citizens’ quality of life and inspire others to contribute to the progress of our community,” said Al Sanchez, SVP of Marketing for Fidelity Bank. “We applaud the Envision Research Institute’s efforts to create opportunity for individuals with vision loss through advanced research. This Institute will enhance the vital work of helping people gain greater independence in their day-to-day lives while fostering a culture of innovation right here in downtown Wichita.  We are proud to help the Envision Research Institute fulfill its mission and enrich the lives of more than 100,000 Kansans.”
The Envision Research Institute officially launched in February with the intention of establishing Wichita as a leader in breakthrough vision-related technology and innovation. Two fellowships were announced at the launch of the facility, and a search has been initiated for two more fellowships to be awarded in 2016. These and future fellows working at the Envision Research Institute will see first hand where and how their work can have a real impact, as they gain access to a large and varied group of potential study subjects: Envision is one of the nation’s largest employers of individuals who are blind or visually impaired. It maintains on-site facilities including a state-of-the-art Vision Rehabilitation Center which draws in people from throughout the Midwest and a childcare facility and preschool offering comprehensive early intervention services.
Laura Walker, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Envision Research Institute, said the Fidelity Bank Foundation gift is further evidence that the community-at-large appreciates the need to put more effort into understanding the impact of vision loss and impairment and into pursuing rehabilitative breakthroughs to help those affected regain and retain greater independence and quality of life.
“It is incredibly encouraging to see the support we have received from The Fidelity Bank Foundation and numerous other benefactors so far this year,” she said. “We are fortunate that so many organizations appreciate the potential the Research Institute has to have a practical impact on the lives of those who are blind or visually impaired.”
Envision is continuing to conduct a capital campaign to complete construction on the Research Institute. To contribute, please visit http://www.envisionus.com/Research-Continuing-Education.
About Envision: Envision promotes advocacy and independence for those who are blind or low vision. Founded in 1933, Envision is one of the largest employers of individuals with vision loss in the nation. Headquartered in Wichita, Kan., Envision’s mission is to improve the quality of life and provide inspiration for the blind and visually impaired through employment, outreach, rehabilitation, education and research. For more information, visit www.envisionus.com.


July 14, 2015


Fidelity Bank has confirmed that skimmers were placed on ATMs at NewMarket Square (2251 North Maize Road) and Bradley Fair (2111 North Bradley Fair Parkway) on July 4. The devices were installed early in the morning and removed later that day. Fidelity Bank account holders affected by this incident have been notified and are not liable for any unauthorized transactions. We encourage any non-Fidelity Bank account holders who used these ATMs on that day to monitor their accounts and contact their bank with any concerns.

We routinely inspect all machines and have taken additional steps to prevent this type of activity in the future. We are working with the Financial Crimes Department at the Wichita Police Department as they investigate this fraudulent activity. We encourage anyone with questions about this incident to call our customer service team at 316-265-2261.

Security is a top priority at Fidelity Bank. We are committed to preventing fraudulent activity and educating our customers about risks to their personal information. For additional information on how to safeguard against different types of fraud, please visit the Security page.

Fidelity Bank receives the 2014 Spirit of Wichita award

Spirit Of Wichita Award

Fidelity Bank is honored to be the Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce’s 2014 Spirit of Wichita Award winner. The Spirit of Wichita Award is given to an organization that, for many years, has exhibited strength of employment, leadership, innovation and community involvement. In recognizing Fidelity, the Chamber noted that “for more years than most of us can remember, Fidelity Bank has been an integral part of this community – both in business, and as a loyal community advocate.” The award celebrates the bank’s legacy of community support, business leadership and high profile advocacy through the BRAVELY ONWARD initiative.

The award was commemorated with a video acknowledging not only the contributions of Fidelity Bank, but also the progress Wichita has achieved through work of leaders throughout the community. Fidelity Bank leadership believes that the institution’s success is directly related to the prosperity of the communities in which it operates. Thus, this video is not only about the achievements of Fidelity Bank; it is about the progress of Wichita and the opportunity that exists for generations to come.



Fidelity Bank Expands Into Overland Park

       (WICHITA, KS) --- Fidelity Bank announced that it has signed a purchase and assumption agreement to acquire a branch office in Overland Park, Kansas from Bank SNB, National Association, formerly known as Bank of Kansas, located at 14435 Metcalf Avenue. This acquisition will expand the bank’s footprint of 16 Fidelity Bank offices in Wichita, Kansas and 6 Oklahoma Fidelity Bank offices in the Oklahoma City metro area into the Kansas City metro area.

       “This acquisition represents a new growth frontier for us,” said Clark Bastian, Chairman and CEO of Fidelity Bank. “We look forward to introducing our customer-focused banking and lending strength to the fine people and businesses of Overland Park.”

       Fidelity Bank will maintain the existing office location and employees. The transition is scheduled to be completed during the second quarter of 2014, subject to regulatory approval and other customary terms and conditions. “We are focused on helping existing customers in the transition to our bank,” said Bastian. “We want it to be as seamless as possible.”


Ribbon Cutting Celebrates Opening of Moore Office

 Moore Ribbon Cutting(MOORE, OK) --- More than thirty members of the business community gathered for a ribbon cutting celebrating the opening of Oklahoma Fidelity Bank’s newest office in Moore, Oklahoma. The July 25 event was attended by Oklahoma Fidelity Bank employees, customers, Moore Chamber of Commerce members and a representative of the Moore City Council.

Monty Strickland, Past Chairman of the Moore Chamber of Commerce, congratulated the Bank for their new location, noting that the Moore office was the first business to complete construction and open after an EF5 tornado struck the community on May 20.

“We are thrilled to offer full-service banking to our fellow Oklahomans here in Moore,” said Michelle Whittington, the branch manager of the new office. “It is exciting to celebrate not only our new location, but also the continued rebuilding of our community.”

The Moore office has been open since July 1. The office serves customers six days a week, offering deposit services as well as commercial and consumer lending services. It is the sixth Oklahoma Fidelity Bank office in the Oklahoma City metro area.

Retired Westar CEO Joins Fidelity Bank Board of Directors

William B. Moore(WICHITA) --- William B. Moore has been elected to serve on the Board of Directors of Fidelity Bank. Moore enjoyed a 33-year career in the electric utility industry, retiring in 2011 as President, Chief Executive Officer and Board Member of Westar Energy. Moore’s term on the Fidelity Bank Board began June 19, 2013.

“Bill’s business acumen, leadership ability and community involvement are a complementary addition to our board,” said Clark Bastian, Fidelity Bank Chairman and CEO. “We are honored to have him on the board.”

Moore was born and raised in Kansas City, graduating cum laude from Wichita State University in 1974 where he earned his BA degree with a concentration in accounting.  Following college, he returned to Kansas City to work for Arthur Andersen and Company, a position that led him back to Wichita in 1977 with an assignment at Kansas Gas & Electric.  This marked the beginning of his successful career in the utility industry.

Moore has been active in civic organizations throughout his career, receiving numerous awards for his service. In 2007, he received the President’s Medal from Wichita State University, the University’s highest award. In 2011, he was inducted into the Junior Achievement of Wichita’s Business Hall of Fame. Moore is a strong supporter of his alma mater, having served as a member of the WSU Board of Trustees, Foundation Board, Alumni Association, SASO Board and National Advisory Council. He currently serves as chair of the WSU Foundation and is on the board of Kansas Big Brothers Big Sisters.

“Fidelity Bank has a rich tradition of serving the needs of its customers, employees and the communities it serves,” said Moore. “I’m excited to be a part of that tradition.”

Fidelity Bank presented Seven Seals Award

Wichita, Kan. – March 14. – Last summer, Michael and Kay Scott came to Fidelity Bank to obtain a home loan. Mr. Scott is a member of the Army National Guard and works for the Defense Finance and Accounting Services.

During the loan process, mortgage loan officer Dallas Doonan learned that Mr. Scott had received orders that he was to be deployed. With that in mind, the Fidelity Bank team of Doonan, Diane Payne (processor), Martha Morales (closer) and Carol Pennington (underwriter), under the supervision of Ilene Severns, and with the cooperation of the appraiser and title company, completed the Scott’s loan closing in less than a week. This allowed Mr. Scott to help move his family into their new home prior to his deployment.

“This was all happening during one of the busiest months (July) for mortgage closings, and at a time when we were already operating at maximum capacity and working long hours. It was a big deal that everyone agreed to help,” said Doonan.

Their dedication to the customer under extraordinary circumstances did not go unnoticed. Mr. Scott nominated Fidelity Bank for the Seven Seals Award from the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR), which honors meritorious leadership and initiative in support of the men and women who serve America in the National Guard and Reserve.

Mick Allen, State Chair of the ESGR, was at Fidelity Bank Thursday, March 14, to present Seven Seals Awards to Clark Bastian, CEO, Ilene Severns, SVP – Mortgage Lending and Dallas Doonan, AVP – Mortgage Loan Officer.

“We don’t want a service member to be deployed in harm’s way and have to worry about whether they have a job when they get back or whether they have a loan (closed). We want them to be able to go over there and successfully complete their mission without having to worry about what’s going on at home,” said Allen.

The mortgage lending department at Fidelity Bank processed more than 1,800 loans last year and approximately eight percent of those home loans were for members of the military.

“I am glad we came through for this veteran and grateful for this recognition by the ESGR,” said Clark Bastian. “We have been active in FHA/VA lending since 1946, the year my father, Marvin, returned from the war and joined my grandfather at Fidelity as a mortgage counselor. Marvin financed his first home with his VA eligibility in 1956 and it remained his primary residence for the rest of his life.”

Only four Seven Seals Awards were distributed in Wichita in 2012.

Seven Seals Award
Picture (L-R): Clark Bastian, Ilene Severns, Dallas Doonan, Mick Allen, Diane Payne, Carol Pennington, and Martha Morales.

The ESGR, a Department of Defense operational committee, was established in 1972 to promote cooperation and understanding between Reserve Component Service members and their civilian employers and to assist in the resolution of conflicts arising from an employee's military commitment. ESGR is supported by a network of more than 4,900 volunteers in 54 committees located across all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Guam-CNMI, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Volunteers, hailing from small business and industry, government, education and prior military service bring a vast wealth of experience to assist in serving employers, service members and their families. Together with Headquarters ESGR staff and a small cadre of support staff for each State Committee, volunteers work to promote and enhance employer support for military service in the Guard and Reserve.



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